About Joseph Romary

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Joseph Romary has often said, “If you find a health care provider who has had significant health issues, you will get more than a textbook solution.”

Joseph’s unique health trials, starting at age thirteen months, with major surgeries and compromised immune system forced him on a path to find wellness. Joseph’s personal suffering motivated him to study and seek experienced help. As he gained knowledge and health, he was moved with compassion for others to be well spiritually, emotionally, and physiologically. Joseph started out at the oldest health food store, A&B Natural, in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1986. He worked for them for 10 years, and then ventured out on his own. He opened Joseph’s Herbs & Vitamins in 1996, a health food store and herbal practice, which is still a thriving business today.

Joseph’s Education and Training:
• CIRD (Certified in Iridology), March 1998 by Frank Minesse, PhD under the studies of Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC, PhD
• Approved by Psychological Publications, Inc. March 2001
• Dried Blood Cell Analysis, August 2004 by Lighthouse Health Ministry
• Australian College of Phytotherapy’s Practical Herbal Therapy, October 2005, validated through Texas Chiropractic College, under the teaching of Kerry Bone, BSc Dip Phyto FNIMH FNHAA MCPP
• Interned under practicing herbalists
• Trained in Theology at Roanoke Baptist College, Roanoke, Indiana
• Counseling and Ministry at Fort Wayne Rescue Mission, 1988-2014
• Counseling and Ministry at Allen County Jail with inmates, 1994-present
• Requested lecturer on Natural Health Care at local universities
• Referred to by Allopaths and alternative practitioners

Joseph’s practice has been embraced and lived out by his precious wife and five children. The purpose and goal for Joseph’s work is to please God and help others do the same. With purpose eternal and love motivating us, our practices will heal many.

ATTENTION: This information is intended to be a nutritional update for health-seeking individuals for educational purposes only. This information has been extracted and condensed from current medical literature, news releases, magazines and Joseph’s own experience in nutrition. Information from this publication should not be construed as medical advice. This material does not necessarily reflect the views of the ompanies mentioned.

  • 2nd Jul, 2015